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Consonance 2008 Report

Same game as always: there's something to say about Summer & Fall, voilà!

Home again - - - after three weeks of music, sunshine, deserts, mountains and the sea. It seems hard enough to put our time at Consonance into words at all, let alone into any particular order, so please pardon the following flood of memories and experiences, and forgive us if we forget to mention some memorable moments. These notes are not intended to be a comprehensive conreport, but rather a collection of a few personal (and quite subjective) highlights:

- Being Kathy Mar's guests. She was ever so obliging and helpful, driving us around in her car all day and patiently waiting for hours while we explored Golden Gate Park & Muir Woods.
- All those marvelous concerts. Due to a few practice sessions we couldn't quite make it to every single performance, but all the ones we managed to catch were simply amazing. We had already heard Mary Crowell & the Leathers at GaFilk 2007, but never can get enough of their music! Hearing Alexander James Adams for the first time was also a great experience – we were happy to hear his voice has turned out so well! And we definitely have to get a tape of Dr. James Robinson – shame on us that we didn't know his songs before we came to Consonance! We also very much enjoyed Riverfolk, Carl Thiel, Lynn Gold & Chris Phoenix, and 'Kanef by Proxy' were so energetic that our pulse stayed up at about 120 for an hour after the concert had ended. We are lucky indeed that we'll meet and hear Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis once more this year, since they are going to be guests of honour at FilkContinental 2008!
- Taiko drumming (Summer). Lots of fun. Alexander Adams stood next to me, so I simply copied everything he did (he seemed to be right most of the time).... What I didn't expect was the tremendous muscle-ache I developed the following day! I should buy myself some drums to get a regular workout!
- Having enough time in between concerts for a couple of nice chats with old and new filk-friends! Everyone was so friendly (and patient with the glitches in our English) that we all felt very much welcome and at ease. The person I (Summer) had not seen for the longest time was Joey – he was just as sweet as I had remembered him (though he didn't get the private 'juggling lessons' from my husband after all...;-)!!!)
- Relaxing swims in the pool. While the hotel was perhaps not quite as atmospheric as the castle in which the German FilkCon is held, it was much more comfortable. Lying in the whirlpool underneath a bush of 'bird of paradise'-flowers and watching a hummingbird fluttering by was a little holiday all in itself. . .
- Friendly, non-competitive and diversified circles - - - some of the best we ever took part in. We only wish we could have stayed up later on Friday, but the jet lag still took its toll. At least we had Saturday and Sunday to enjoy listening to performers, some of whom we knew only by recordings – like Vixy and Tony, whom we just loved to listen to! – or not at all. We’re not very good at remembering names, but there were many songs and voices that really impressed us. We hope to hear them again some day, some place. . .
- Judi. My god, that woman worked tirelessly throughout the whole convention. Having her sign most of our concert was a very special gift. And by some unfathomable means she found the energy to take part in our workshop as well, being a strong support for the soprano!
- Working with the people who showed up for the harmony workshop. After a lot of guessing and nervous calculating how many people would participate and how well they would be able to learn their parts, I (Fall) was thrilled by the fact that everyone who joined in was just incredibly good!!! I was also glad they all seemed to like the material and to be able to follow my quite unprofessional style of conducting (many thanks to the girl who showed me at least the correct hand movements!). And it was fun bossing around Joey Shoji and Alex Adams, and having the impression they actually enjoyed it ... ;-))
- The wedding. I (Summer) had had filk at my wedding, too – always a good idea. And the buffet was simply amazing. I have a lot of pictures to prove it!
- The tech crew's and committee's support and constant helpfulness. Just one little example: Dr. James driving us to Kinko's on Friday afternoon in order to photocopy the harmony workshop music and waiting for over an hour with us, since we had forgotten that paper formats are different in Germany and the U.S.! We fooled around and laughed so much during that time we were quite expecting to be thrown out of the shop any minute....
- Spontaneously acting as background choirs for Riverfolk & Lynn Gold. Singing with new people is one of the special joys of being part of the filk community.
- All those small, gentle examples of the kindness and helpfulness of the folks at the con... Becca Leathers presenting one gorgeous scarf to each of us. Lots of people giving us good advice for our trip around California. Alan providing us with a piece of chocolate after a strenuous afternoon. About a dozen people taking care of the tuning fork I (Fall) had forgotten on stage (I have it back, thank you!) - and many similar moments, seemingly insignificant, but an essential part of the spirit of any filk convention.
- California. We travelled around for 2 ½ weeks after the con and brought back some very special memories as well as sunburns and about 5 Gigabite of fotos. Without the kind invitation, we probably would not have been able to afford a trip like that.

Summer (Eva) & Fall (Crystal)

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