Crystal (Fall) (crystalfall) wrote,
Crystal (Fall)

Another post from someone just returning from FilkContinental... that is, I returned yesterday afternoon. Thanks to Firlefanz (Jalmur) and Gary I still had "filky" company for most of my journey home. Then I was just so completely done I couldn't think any more, not to mention writing anything. I went to bed early and slept until noon today (that's the advantage of working from home!). And my cat was not pissed off by my being away so long, but was there all the time, either on my legs or near my head. Which was at the same time great and a bit annoying...
I hope everyone else had a safe trip home!!! Especially those from overseas. It was a great con, it was great to see you all again, and one thing I'm extremely happy about is that my English seems to have noticeably improved - maybe also due to the fact I was at GaFilk. I had really intense conversations with many English-speaking people, and I loved that!!!
I won't do a con report, but I'm definitely looking forward to all your reports and pictures........

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