Urin im Uran

Hi Leute,

keine Ahnung, wen das nun erreicht, aber hier ist der Text zu "Urin im Uran". In die Filk-Mailingliste kann ich irgendwie nix posten ...
Sorry, Non-German speakers, this is definitely non-translateable! :)

1.) Zuerst, da dachten wir, es wärn mal wieder
die Kommunisten oder Al'Kaida –
doch jeder, der in den Reaktor sah,
der roch, was an der Masse kritisch war:

Da ist Urin im Uran, da hat sich wer vertan,
als wärs ein Klo oder so, stell'n Sie sich vor, das Labor!
Da ist Urin im Uran, da hilft kein Sagrotan,
die Fusion ist davon, nur heiße Luft ist verpufft.

2.) Wir fragten die Security: Wo kommt das Zeug bloß her,
ihr lasst doch keinen rein, der vielleicht inkontinent wär?!
Die wurden sauer, schnaubten nur: Was denken Sie denn, Mann,
solln wir etwa jeden fragen: hast du auch die Windel an?

Da ist Urin im Uran, wer hat das nur getan, (da hilft kein Sagrotan)
die Effizienzdifferenz der Sequenz ist immens.

3.) Das alles ist uns ungeheuer peinlich,
routinemäßig wird so was bei uns partout verheimlicht,
aber hier – das ist doch ekelhaft, wo kämen wir denn hin,
wenn's nun der Kaffeekocher wär? Da sind doch lauter Keime drin?!?

Da ist Urin im Uran, das ist echt abgefahrn, (da hilft kein Sagrotan)
das verzieht das Nuklid, völlig hin ist der Spin.

4.) Da meinte so ein junger Spund, noch nicht mal promoviert,
dahoam auf seinem Hof, da sei mal folgendes passiert:
wenn Urin, zu bayrisch Gülle, kritisch angereichert wird,
dann gleicht er dem Uran, indem er sakrisch explodiert.

Da ist Urin im Uran, wir brauchen ein Verfahrn,
seriös und effiziös, denn es geht ums Budget.

5.) Wir haben dann beschlossen, wir probieren's mit dem Mix,
und diverse Erstversuche zeigten uns erstaunlich fix,
dass erneuerbare Quellen sich auch in der Kernkraft lohnen:
Die Fusion wird preiswert potenziert durch Ammoniakneutronen!

Da ist Urin im Uran, so war das nicht geplant,
doch beweist sich wie meist: auch darin steckt Gewinn.
Da ist Urin im Uran. Wir sind sehr angetan:
positiv (Alternative: progressiv) explosiv, und zutiefst lukrativ.

Liebe Grüße Euch allen,
Crystal :)

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Another post from someone just returning from FilkContinental... that is, I returned yesterday afternoon. Thanks to Firlefanz (Jalmur) and Gary I still had "filky" company for most of my journey home. Then I was just so completely done I couldn't think any more, not to mention writing anything. I went to bed early and slept until noon today (that's the advantage of working from home!). And my cat was not pissed off by my being away so long, but was there all the time, either on my legs or near my head. Which was at the same time great and a bit annoying...
I hope everyone else had a safe trip home!!! Especially those from overseas. It was a great con, it was great to see you all again, and one thing I'm extremely happy about is that my English seems to have noticeably improved - maybe also due to the fact I was at GaFilk. I had really intense conversations with many English-speaking people, and I loved that!!!
I won't do a con report, but I'm definitely looking forward to all your reports and pictures........


Finally I did it - translating one of my songs via Babelfish to English and back to German again. Seems that Babelfish somehow realized the song had its origin in a roleplaying game - where else have all the dice (Würfel) come from???


Sie gingen, Würfel Lichter zu seh'n in der Höhle dunklen Wald von Kanur. Es Krieg kalt und noch und wunderschön, Und sie fanden morgens Himmel Würfel Sporn, Wo Viryana fuhr. Sie gingen, zu Bergen Höhle Schein Aus Höhle finst'ren Grotten von Shthi. Da Krieg Goldund Stahl und Edelstein Und Schätze also Alt und Gebein, alle das fanden sie. Sie gingen, zu festen ihr Werk Gegen nicht und Kriegesgefahr. Von unten wogte Geheimes im Berg, Von oben zeigte das Jahr, Wie steifer es Krieg. Und der Wind weht von Nord, und der Wind weht von Nord, Trägt MIT sich Würfel Schatten der Dunkelheit, Und der Wind weht von Nord, und äh trägt MIT sich Fort alles sterben Zeit, alles sterben Zeit... Sie flohen das, Winterland Durch, das Höhle Wald von Kanur dunklen. So kalt und noch, wie Mann damals es fand, so ward Es von Neuem; schon kahler Verweht ihre Sporn.

Homepage updated

Hi friends,

I'm a bit ashamed I only use LJ as a means to post Summer&Fall news and information, but... I really never was a great diary-writer, not even in childhood, plus on my PC, LJ takes rather long to load, and I'm the impatient type...

So here's the latest Summer&Fall news: At last we have managed to review and complete our homepage. There are now sound clips of those songs we've recorded already, and we have uploaded the lyrics of all the newer songs of our repertoire. In our personal "Summer" and "Fall" sections are some more songs as well (complete with translations, of course!), and we have updated our bios (there's now Yooh's introduction, too!).
Finally we managed to upload a few Filk links and the links to the conventions we've been and will be invited to.
If someone is interested, just look it up:

All the best to all of you!


You know what? While I was working and, after that, desperately trying to use lj-cut for the first time, everything outside has grown white and beautiful! Winter is here, at last, after the crocus and snowdrops have already begun to show up...
And then I let my little 8-months-old cat out, and she just couldn't believe what funny stuff there was everywhere, and sniffed around, and then digged a bit, and then jumped around like a little child, having fun!
And I am so relieved winter still exists!!!


Yesterday - after finally coming home at 11:00 a.m. German time, with having landed in Frankfurt at 6:30, picking my suitcase and guitar (which survived, yeah!!!), having another small breakfast at the train station with Eva and Rafael and separating from them at Mannheim Main Station - because of Jet lag and long telephone conversations with my mother and one aunt, I didn't do anything about GaFilk except reading lots of posts from people whom I didn't know until this weekend, but who seem so familiar to me now...
I was shocked by the news of Dave Alway's death and had a bad conscience for not being able to mourn him properly, because, alas, I scarcely knew him at all! But I am sure I will at least remember his truly great lyrics, especially the ones ladyat posted - I also had that deep feeling within my heart that she describes...!
I promise solemnly there soon will be a detailed con report by Eva, Rafael and me, but as far as I know, they, too, spent the last 24 hours mostly sleeping.
In any case, once more I want to thank every single one of you for this great, stunning experience of GaFilk - the mood, the warmth and friendship, the impressions of life in Atlanta (Waffle House, the Aquarium, the Sutton house with dogs and cat and tea and football and and and...)! I hope all of you got home safely, and hope to see you again some time, some place...

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This weekend our whole family had a very odd moment. Presumably we were invited to my uncle's and his life partner's birthday - his 50th and her 40th. But when everyone had finished drinking coffee at about 3 p.m., a very old Parisian omnibus stopped in front of the house where we were sitting, and my uncle insisted it had "taken the wrong route", but "the driver was so kind to let us have a little trip". Well, we ended up in front of the registry office of the next village. There the choir in which they sing was already assembled, and the mayor (who also is the registrar) did a very, very nice ceremony, and all my other uncles and aunts and my mother were crying, and the bridal couple was crying, too, and the sons of my uncle's bride were looking very angry, but they couldn't do anything. I later learned that the two elder ones (17 and 20 years old) hadn't known anything (like the whole wedding party except her parents), only the youngest, who is twelve. I think in this age I'd had a hard time if my mother was so utterly surprisingly marrying a new man...! Then we went back to the rented party room and had dinner and afterwards a pseudo-medieval band - acquaintances of my uncle - played and sang. They were not excellent (my brother's girlfriend, who is a soprano singer, complained all the time about their untuned instruments and their wrong harmonies), but I myself didn't find them too bad; the only thing was that they were much too obtrusive. They didn't realize that the "wedding party" needed time to talk all this over, that we were a big assembly of people rarely meeting each other and that we simply wanted to talk with a nice musical background. They came up to the main tables and tried to heaten the atmosphere in their own way. Finally my brothers, my cousins and the belonging girl- and boyfriends went for a walk in the dark along the Neckar. It was a very short walk, as it had rained and you couldn't see the puddles in the dark and we didn't want to soil our clothes too much. By then the band was having a break, and we could talk for a while. Later the band wanted us to dance medieval dances, which would have been fun if they hadn't been so arrogant: I saw from the beginning that the "dance master" was not happy about having two small children among his dancers, and when a third came and I volonteered to make room for her, he wouldn't allow her to join in until the next dance. Yet who has more fun in dancing than little children? I was really angry with him, and that didn't get better by watching how he taught us the dances. His correcting remarks were so offending sometimes that I was surprised no one complained. After they had gong I fonund the party much nicer. For the last hour I sat quietly in a corner with my guitar, two girls of about 10 years, one of their mothers and a young couple, and we were in turn playing the guitar, singing old songs like "Streets of London" or "Bunt sind schon die Wälder" and talking about guitar lessons and the price of 12-string guitars.
So my uncle's married now - for the first time in his 50-year life. I really wonder how this will work, especially with the three boys who have trouble accepting him. And I have met an interesting woman (the mother of one of the girls), a very tolerant and wide-hearted person whom I hope I'll meet again on other occasions.
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